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2021 Goals

As per Todoist’s post on completing Annual Review, here are five major parts of life that you should/could judge on:

  • Work
  • Productivity
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Learning

So the following is the exercise of me going through my 2021 goals and categorizing them based on the groups above.


  • get promoted at my current job (from Data Analyst to Web Development)
  • Built a webapp at current job (in production)
  • Build a Django course with newline
  • Built with django
    • Start a podcast (built with Django and personal)
    • build a job board
    • Publish a couple of written interviews



  • lose fat, gain muscle. This means:
    • better diet
    • more exercise
  • more meditation


  • earn cash (>$1) with a side hustle
  • Get out of debt


  • help my wife find her calling
  • Become more social
  • Join a club or two, based on my interests (for example, Chess or Board Games communities)
  • sponsor 5 people on Github
  • would be awesome to get one sponsor


  • use vim for all my coding
  • get to 1600 level in chess and/or beat my dad
  • Buy an existing company/project
  • Become much better with Python
  • build 5 small web projects with different tech
    • react
    • GeoDjango
    • serverless (AWS lambda)
    • d3.js
    • Shopify app with Django
  • contribute to open source
    • Gridsome plugin
    • Pocket/Todoist OAuth2.0 API to Django-Allauth
    • plugin for Joplin to export to markdown
  • progress in learning Italian, using Anki
  • increase typing speed


I have started a spreadsheet to track some of the goals here (that are possible to track). Hope to see a lot of progress on most of them. There are a lot of goals, but most of them I’d say doable. Now just need to prioritize and start grinding.

Will reflect next year, maybe mid-year also.


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