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2022 Goals

As with my 2021 in Review post, I am following Anthony Gustin’s Extensive Review Process.

What Do You Want?

What type of person do I want to be?

  • I want to be a good person. That entails being loving to my family, helping my friends, being kind to all the people. I want to be a very well-disciplined person that doesn’t wait for things to happen to him, but rather pursues the goals and things that he wants. I want to do good work that helps people, improves their lives.

  • I think I spoke about this in other parts of this review, but at the end of the day, I just want to be a good person.

  • Clearly, different people have different ideas of what “good” is. So, perhaps, listing some people I look up to when it comes to being good, would help entail what my idea of good is. So here are some such people:

  • I also want to be a human being that always looks to improve in some way. Be it learning some history, reading some philosophy, building an app to learn a programming language, or anything else that improves me as a human being. This sounds corny to me by now, but I want to be a person that is in a constant beta mode.

  • This is not exactly behavior, but I would like to be a person that earns well and provides all the basic needs for his family, and more.


  • Being more attentive to my SO (compliments, gifts, etc.)
  • Learning
  • Health & Exercise
  • Finance

I mean, these are pretty regular themes :) We all want the same things I think.

Themes of Life (+ Goals)

  1. Family: 7
    • Have a kid
  2. Finances: 7
    • Get to around $1000 MRR with Side Hustle
  3. Physical health: 6
    • Get to 70kg without added muscle mass
    • Bring back the simple morning exercise (push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups)
  4. Mental health: 6
    • Make meditation a regular morning habit
  5. Learning: 8
    • see below
  6. Relationships: 5
    • Reach out to more people online and in real life.
  7. Fun: 4
  8. Work: 7
    • get a raise (in the title this year)
    • work on more visible projects (like abode)
  9. Travel: 7
    • Travel around the US this year
    • Visit Russia and travel to European countries for fun and a visa.
  10. Creativity: 4
    • post a few articles with the help of my Obsidian database.
  11. Spirituality: 1

Projects in Life

Personal Website (Blog, Audience)

Built with Django (Site and Podcast)

  • Publish 12 podcast episodes
  • Publish 12 blog posts (can be tutorials, interviews, or reposts)
  • get to 100 users
  • get to 500 subscribers
  • get to 150 views per day by the end of the year (source)

OTB Chess (Community and Blog)

Other (Crypto/NFT/Learning)

  • Programming

    • build a small random project in Rust
    • build a small Solana project with Rust
    • improve in Python even more
    • build a small Algorand project with Python
    • build a mobile app with React Native
    • complete Cistercian Dates NFT Project
  • Chess

    • get to 1600 ELO
  • Language

    • Complete the Duolingo Italian Course
    • Learn 625 Italian Words
  • Reading

    • Try going through the First Year program on the Great Books of the Western World
  • Other Tech to Learn/Improve in

    • React Native
    • Rust
    • Kubernetes
    • Django
    • Celery
    • Stripe

2022 Action and Plan

  • This is where I take my goals from the last step and think about accountability and completion mechanics. Or in other words, how am I going to ensure that these tasks get done, how am I going to track them?
  • I don’t want to be too aggressive with my systems as the failure to comply with them might be crushing.
  • I like my current approach where I work on a project that kind of feels right.
  • Of course, I do have a hard schedule for some tasks. For instance:
    • Personal Newsletter every Tuesday.
    • Django Newsletter Every Friday that I have something to show for.
    • Chess improvements, meetups every Saturday, and 2 tournaments per month. That’s around 52 practices + 24 tournaments.
    • Add notes to the Obsidian database every day
    • Do Duolingo exercises every day
    • Exercise every other day
    • Follow the slow carb diet
  • Some of these tasks motivate and inspire further work on these projects.
  • For other things, I will be waiting for the right time and regularly reviewing the goals. For example, to learn Rust I need a good amount of free time and mental space. For that, I need to finish the NFT project.
  • So can’t work on all the items, simultaneously, so with every milestone just have to consult my goals to see what can do next.


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