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New Project 'Built with Django'!

Last week, I purchased Ryan Kulp’s course on buying, improving, and selling microbusinesses (affiliate link). One of the reasons I bought this course was to learn another skill (bseides, data analysis and web developemnt) he help my on a path to become financially independent. The other reason is that I desperately wanted to see how one would purchase a business without having a ton of cash upfront. Finally, I have been following Ryan for a while now, and he is just a cool dude, with a lot to share.

This is not a post about this course, though. I will write a short review of the course once I finish it. For now, I want to share a new project I am working on and how I came up with it.

The reason I mentioned How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies is that it helped me to get the idea. In one of the videos, Ryan said that at Fork Equity(Ryan’s Investment firm), they care about the tech stack that the company uses. They have experience with Ruby on Rails and will be able to navigate in the projects once they acquire it quickly. I am a big fan of Django and its community. If I am ever going to buy a business, I do not want to spend a ton of time learning the tech stack behind it. So I thought it would be cool to have a collection of websites built with Django. Hence my project ”Built with Django.”

This seemed like an excellent idea for several reasons:

  1. I get to practice and improve my Django & Design skills
  2. I get to create a community of like-minded people. More specifically, people who like to create things and like to create them with Django.
  3. I have a list of great projects that I could potentially help with or even take under my wing and improve upon.
  4. Highlight the brightest mind in the community that I love.
  5. In case of success, potentially monetize, by creating a job board and other non-intrusive to users way.

The project is now up and running. I published it a week ago. I will not go into more detail about how I was making right now. I will write a post on it later.

Here I just want to state that it took me about a week to go from 0 to MVP. The hardest part was the front end, it is my weakness. Otherwise, Django makes it pretty easy to build the backend logic. Love Django.

I think this is going to be relatively low maintenance, yet useful project. I hope we get some people sharing their work. Hopefully, this will help grow the awesome community of Django makers.


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