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How to Save Emails to Pocket

Pocket is a great invention for people who like to read, when they want to read. It gives you superpowers.

Superpower #1

It allows you to save articles you encounter during the day for later. That way, you are not distracted from whatever it is you are doing at the moment.

Superpower #2

You can make highlights in your Pocket Article. Then later review those highlights and add them to your Second Brain, if you have one.

So, what’s the problem?

Now, let’s say that you have signed up for a particularly useful email course, like Ryan Kulp’s How to Validate an Idea or a particularly insightful newsletter like Nat Eliason’s Monday Medley or Arvid Kahl’s Bootstrapped Founder. How can you save it for later if you are a little busy right now? Well, that is not a problem, since that is what Email Inbox is for.

The other problem is making notes. Here, email is not that useful, as opposed to Pocket. Unfortunately, Pocket does not allow for saving emails, only webpages. This is weird, and it doesn’t seem like they are planning to add that feature any time soon.


Do not worry, though, there is an insultingly easy solution for this. Publish this email lets you create a web page in seconds. The service is entirely free! All you got to do is send you an email to and wait for a reply. That’s it. They usually reply within seconds. In that reply, you get a link to a web page with the contents of the email. Now, you can simply press “add to pocket,” and you are done.

Now you have a nice centralized location for all the written words you consume during the day!