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  • “The Algorithm” will make it easy for your friends to miss news share online.
  • So, we should all create a personal newsletter and keep up with each other that way.
  • Go to Buttondown, create a Newsletter (it’s free).
  • Share it with the world, your Twitter followers, Friends, or anyone else you think of.
  • And start writing, when you have something to share.


A while back I ran into Jakob’s tweet:

He made a good observation that most of Justin Jackson’s subscribers did not see his tweet where he shares the link to his ”Year in Review” even though they would find it useful.

I agree, as a subscriber I would have loved seeing it in my feed. But, guess what, I found this link through Justin’s newsletter.

This made me think that in the future, the most reliable way to keep up with your online friends (besides reaching out directly) will be through personal newsletters.

In the not too distant past, people used RSS to keep up with others. The new version of that will be Personal Newsletters.


Some people will overthink this:

  • “I need to do this on the schedule”
  • “I need to think about optimizations”
  • “I need to style the sign up forms”, etc.

Remember that we are not talking about promoting your business. We are just concerned with personal connections. This means:

  • You don’t have to make every week, or month. Just send it to people who subscribed, whenever you have anything to share.
  • Don’t think about pretty sign up forms. Just find a a free service that will do that boring stuff for you. Buttondown is amazing for this.
  • You don’t have to think about open rates, conversion and other stuff like that, it doesn’t matter when you are sending it to friends.

So, just create a newsletter and share it with the world. Also share it with me via this form, so that it shows up in the Public list of Personal Newsletters.

Here is a list of free tools you can use (however, in my opinion Buttondown is the best):


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