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July 2023

Here are the things I did during July 2023.

Tech Job Alerts (🔗)

This was the project I focused the most on this month. I had a skeleton ready where I can trigger an async task to scrape various sources for any jobs that companies are hiring for. Decided to finally make this into a “finished” products. Here is what I did:

  • Create a search page where user can search for all the past and current job offerings.
  • Create a newsletter which will send subscribers a weekly email based on the technology they chose. Right now, I’m only allowing one. Thining of allowing multiple for paid users, but not sure yet. Still, yet to setup paid accounts.
  • All of the tasks are now automated. Finding jobs, parsing texts, sending emails. Feels awesome! Will surely do this for all the other projects I’m working on.

Other Projects

I do have other projects I’m working on, but this month haven’t done much work on them:

  • Talent Leads. Just a couple bug fixes and improvements.
  • Built with Django. Nothing.
  • Personal Website. Almost done writing book review for “Count of Monte Cristo”
  • LevReview. Nothing.
  • OTB Chess. Realized that instead of using Digital Ocean Snapshot, I can backup directly from the app. So, I did that and am moving the ofrum to the new server. Unfortunately the domain is gone, so will have to find a new one.


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