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Adding a dictionary to a list of dictionaries in Python

In my most recent project, I have encountered a problem where I was not able to append a dictionary to a list using list_data.append(data_dict). The result was a list of the same dictionaries.

In this post, I will explore this issue and show how to bypass that.


Just so that we are on the same page, this is my setup.

I am parsing a page that has an entry for each day of each month.

<div id="january">
    <p class="subtitle">1</p>

    <p class="subtitle">2</p>
    <p>blah blah</p>

    <p class="subtitle">3</p>
    <p>blah blah blah</p>

<div id="february">
    <p class="subtitle">1</p>

    <p class="subtitle">2</p>
    <p>blah blah</p>

    <p class="subtitle">3</p>
    <p>blah blah blah</p>

I want to parse this info into a dictionary that will look like that:

[{'month': 'January', 'day': '1'},
 {'month': 'January', 'day': '2'},
 {'month': 'January', 'day': '3'}]

The code below was my first attempt to get this:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

data = []
day_dict = {}
months = ['january', 'february','march',...]

# go through each month in the month list
for month in months:
    month_block = soup.find(id=month)
    month_name = month_block.find('h2').string

    days = []
    # going through each day in a month
    for i in month_block.find_all(class_="subtitle"):

        day = i.string.strip()

        # adding info about current day to a dictionary
        day_dict['month'] = month_name
        day_dict['day'] = day

        # adding the dicitonary to a list

This resulted in the data list to look like that:

[{'month': 'December', 'day': '31'},
 {'month': 'December', 'day': '31'},
 {'month': 'December', 'day': '31'}]

It was essentially saving the last dictionary over end over.


This is going to be pretty straightforward, actually.

You will need to save a β€œcopy” of the current dictionary, rather than a reference to an original dictionary. The way to do that is to use .copy() method.

    data.append(day_dict) # Replace this line with the next one


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